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The Unsung Emperor Of Guptas

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

InArchCenter ID:- IACBN0012

Gold coin of Kacha. Chakradhvaja type.

Obverse:-  Kacha, nimbate, standing left, sacrificing at altar and holding filleted chakradhvaja (wheel-standard); legend Kā-cha in Gupta script vertically below the left arm, circular Brahmi legend around "Kacho gamavajitya divam karmabhir-uttamair-jayati"  ("Having conquered the earth, Kacha wins the heaven by excellent deeds").

Reverse:-  Goddess (possibly Lakshmi) standing left, holding flower and cornucopia, Brāhmī legend at right: Sarvarājochchhettā ("Exterminator of all kings")


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General Overview:-

Kachagupta was a Gupta Emperor who was unknown to us until the discovery of his coins. The coin of Kacha was issued in only one type and weight varies from 111 to 118 grains. His coins were issued apparently to two weight standards, one of 115 grains and the other of 118 grains. There are seven coins of his in the British Museum, three in the Indian Museum and five in the Lucknow museum; the Bayana hoard contained sixteen. Jaunpur, Tanda and Bayana are among the known find-spots of the coins of the ruler. It is generally agreed that Kacha was an early Gupta ruler, but his identity is a matter of great dispute. According to James Prinsep and Thomas, Kacha should be identified with Ghatotkach, the father of Chandragupta I; even some suggest that Kacha was identical with Samudragupta; one more thought is that it may have been either his brother or son. So it must be taken for now that Kacha was a Gupta emperor who came after Samudragupta.

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