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Rakhigarhi Mahotsav: Uncovering Hidden Treasures of the Indus Civilization

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

InFrame: from the left side of the display 1. Dinesh Sheoran (Founder of Astitva Heritage),  2. Arvin Manjul (ASI ) 3.???? 4. Prof. Vasant Shinde 5. Dr. Sanjay Kumar Manjul (Jt DG ASI)
Rakhigarhi Mahotsav Photo

Rakhigarhi Mahotsav was held on January 21st and 22nd, 2023, and was organized by Astitva Heritage. Nonprofit Organization. The event brought together a varied range of participants, including famous scientists, professors, and Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) officials, to discuss the most recent finds and scholarship on the Rakhigarhi site, one of the essential Indus Civilization sites.

On the inaugural day of the Mahotsav, guests heard from prominent professors and ASI authorities. Professor Vasant Shinde, who has led the excavations at the site for several years, spoke about his scientific studies and described how the site's findings had revolutionized our knowledge of the Indus Civilization. Dr. Sanjay Kumar Manjul, ASI Joint Director General, released details about ASI's past work as well as future initiatives.

The ASI team also began excavation work at Rakhigarhi for the fourth time. The Mahotsav organizers arranged for all attendees to visit the excavation site and observe the project in progress. The inhabitants of Rakhigarhi were incredibly welcoming and greeted all participants with great hospitality. The cultural program of the event, with its excellent taste of Haryanvi warmth, also made a lasting effect on participants. The first day of the Rakhigarhi Mahotsav was capped off with an enthralling dance performance.

The second day of the Rakhigarhi Mahotsav commenced with a local welcoming

Rakhigarhi Mahotsav 2022 - 23 (day two)

ceremony, preceded by an awards ceremony. The session ended with a stroll from Mounds 4 to 1, throughout which Professor. Shinde highlighted the significance of the place. Dr. Manjul joined the tour at Mound 1 and addressed the ASI's findings, as well as some key facts concerning archaeological and excavation procedures.

Rakhigarhi Mahotsav 2022-23 Dance performance

The Rakhigarhi Mahotsav was a huge success, providing participants with a once-in-a-lifetime chance to acquire knowledge about the Indus Civilization and the continuing study at the Rakhigarhi site. The event showcased the most recent results and research and provided a forum for specialists in the area to exchange ideas and have debates. It is worth noting that Rakhigarhi is regarded as one of India's most notable archaeological finds, and Union Budget (2020-21) has proposed to develop Rakhigarhi (Hisar district, Haryana) as an iconic site. The site dates from circa 6000 BCE (the Pre-Harappan era) to 2600 BCE and is noted for its well-planned settlements, elaborate drainage system, and high technologies. The Rakhigarhi excavations also uncovered evidence of a complex urban city with a diversified demographic that traded with various civilizations.

RakhiGarhi Site photo

The current excavations at Rakhigarhi contribute to our understanding of this ancient civilization. The Rakhigarhi Mahotsav gave visitors an insight into the intriguing realm of archaeology and the ongoing quest to discover the wonders of the Indus Civilization.



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