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A Novel "to steal the artisans secret" ( The Cholas and Hoysalas )

Updated: Sep 26, 2020

InArchCenter ID:- IACBN0014

"Someone asked me to get a secret, but I am having to walk few steps back, back up to Chennakeshava Temple 1100 BC almost" The Cholas and Hoysalas were known for creating treasures on soils and stones, they flourished on the grounds of jealousy and power. but the people are sweet and humble. Some secrets of the dead world came alive in the living world today... Dhanushkotiya, Cheenakaami, and Akelendra reincarnated the reflections of friendships and ancient culture...900 years after, came the wave of reality struck events and emotions that led to the long reigns of humanity. It only took Ubash, Sritha and Sreesha one wedding photography assignment in Belur to set free the spells of ancient winds and whistles. The tune then played changed Ubash's life in a way he could not say in words but only write in a movie script. 'Some words are better said through emotions'

If you are interested in Indian history then read my friend's novel


Ubash Balan

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