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Department Of History and Archeology; Central University Haryana





2+5yrs (PG + PhD)

M.A./PHD- History & Archaeology


Eligibility Criteria
1. A candidate who has passed examination of B. A. or B.Sc. or B.Com., B.B.M., B.B.A. or B.Ed./ B.Tech. / B.Sc. Agri. / B.Sc. Home Sc. degree of this University or an examination of any other University recognised as equivalent thereto and passed the examination concerned are eligible to register his / her name for M.A./ M.Com./ M.B.A. (Previous).

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Department Of History and Archeology

The Dept. of History and Archeology has been set up in the year 2014 with the aim to impart the education of history to the interested young generation. This is in sync with one of the ideals of university which lays emphasis on the multidisciplinary approach. Besides, it also marks a departure from the traditional teaching and understanding of the concerned subject by bringing qualitative shift in its curricula, teaching methodology, perception development and in the realm of knowledge gain.


Expanding the horizon of the field of History where no one remains untouched in the march towards humanity, civilization and sustainability. It endorses the belief of this university that we “…must have the vision to see where higher education can take us in a future where human can live in peace and prosperity…”


to inculcate human values among the people through propagating the sense of History with multidisciplinary approach for the better understanding of society and realizing mutual coexistence.


  • To inculcate the sense of History among students and others;

  • To discuss the subject in the changing environment;

  • To highlight the utility of the subject in the present scenario;

  • To focus upon a multidisciplinary approach towards the teaching and the reading methodology;

  • Making history not just a rhetoric but a meaningful way to understand society and the surroundings for a fuller development of the self as well as the society;

  • To help minimize the abuses/misuses of history;

  • To initiate the process of dialogue in historical contexts among the students and the people alike in order to establish a more liberal and flexible society based on the social virtues like mutual understanding and cooperation; and

  • To relocate, re-contextualize and reposition the missing sections/issues/aspects;

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