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THE CHRONOLOGY OF INDIA FROM MAHABHARATA TO MEDIEVAL ERA BY VEDVEER ARYA This book deals with the chronological history of India starting from the Mahabharata war to the Medieval period . It gives a comprehensive list of Chronologies , Inscriptions, Dynasties , Annual Archaeological Reports , Puranas of Ancient India , Epigraphies , Journals and Critical Researches . The Puranas relate with the Chronology of Magadha Empire from Brihadrath Dynasty to the Gupta Dynasty . The Epochs of various Indian eras refered to in the inscriptionas and literary sources are the shet anchors for arriving the true chronology of India . Unfortunately , by 10th and 11th centuries , the exact Epochs of certain eras were forgotten . This led to many inconsistencies and contraditions in our Chronology . The book folds into many important topics like the Epochs of Saka Era and Sakanta Era , The Epochs of Buddha Nirvana , The Epoch of Two Vikrama Eras and Mahavira Nirvana , The Epoch of Gupta Era and Kalachur - Chedi Era , Chronological overview of Mahabharata Era , Chronological History of Buddhism and Jainism , The date of Adi Shankaracharya and The Uttarapatha Kingdoms are explained in details. The Western Scholars simply concluded that literary evidence was contrary to Epigraphic and Archaeological evidence . However, the readers may have been surprised and shocked to know about the Chronological error of 660 years in the World History and in dating of Jesus birth, Alexander, Seleveus .


Vedveer Arya is a civil servant and an officer of 1997 batch of Indian Defence Accounts Service (IDAS). Presently, he is working as Integrated Financial Advisor in Ministry of Defence, Government of India. He earned his master's degree in Sanskrit from University of Delhi. He is the author of "The Chronology of India from Mahabharata to Medieval Era . His work is completely based on the comprehensive study of the chronological content of the inscriptions. During the course of his research, he had discovered the exact epochs of various ancient Indian eras that conclusively upheld the authenticity of the Puranic chronology and exposed the fallacy of the chronology given in the modern textbooks of Indian history. He says that “There is a serious need to re-write the entire history of ancient India with reference to the newly discovered epochs of the ancient Indian eras,”

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